"Helping To Save One Youth At a Time!"

As vice president of Program and Grants at the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF), Linda Garcia directs all program and grantmaking activities and leads the foundation’s efforts to engage donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders, as well as expand and share the impact of VCCF's grantmaking in the community.

Prior to joining the VCCF, Linda was at the Dewey Square Group - a national public affairs firm - where she oversaw the Social Innovation and Philanthropy Practice within the firm. There she assisted clients in navigating new opportunities taking hold in the philanthropic sector, such as, impact investing, new program delivery models and innovative philanthropy structures. Before that, she was the Community Benefit Manager at Kaiser Permanente responsible for identifying local community needs and creating programs in response to those needs in the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County.  

Linda also spent nearly 10 years at The California Endowment developing strategic programs. During her time there, she was instrumental in the development and implementation of various large Statewide initiatives, such as the California Telehealth and eCenter, the California-Mexico Health Initiative, and the Agricultural Worker Health Initiative.

In addition, Linda currently is as a member of various community task forces and advisory committees, and supports several community-based organizations as a volunteer.Linda earned her bachelor's degree in Spanish with a minor in sociology from California State University, Sacramento. She continued her education at CSUS, earning her master's degree in sociology.

Linda Garcia

laurel Yetter

I'm Laurel Yetter, a  Southern California native with a sweet, friendly, sunny disposition.  I have a heart for the youth and those who are seen as unworthy in the eyes of society. My passion is to tell their stories through media and open viewers eyes to witness these kids’ lives transform from coals into a diamonds. I also enjoy helping to encourage those and remind them of the hope and future that God has promised them Jeremiah 29:11.  I have been blessed to speak on behalf of WOSMOH and the youth we serve within the Ventura County Correctional Facility, Group homes, Camp Scott and Scutter, Downy facility, various fundraiser events  and the harsh, cold, maximum security walls of Folsom Prison.

Chloe graduated from CSUCI in 2010 with her Bachelor's Degree in History. She enjoys learning about where people have come from. At WOSMOH, Chloe is a dynamic leader who strives to give the youth she encounters the tools they need to succeed. She has spoken and attended many events. Healthy Lifestyles class at CYA, Dance Therapy assisting Imani White, fundraising events like the Embracing Hearts for Foster Youth Rummage Sale and the Annual WOSMOH Celebration Fundraiser. Chloe also visits area Group Homes and is mentor in the WOSMOH Mentoring Program.

Chloe Williamson

Anthony Morman

Anthony Morman is currently a full time student studying Structural Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.  ​Prior to pursuing Engineering he served 5 years in the United States Navy Seabees. As a builder his mission was a humanitarian one, helping improve the living conditions of military and civilian personnel overseas. 

He actively participates with Women of Substance and Men of Honor as a volunteer and Mentor to the youth. He occasionally speaks at the Alpha class on the inside of the Ventura County correctional Facility as well as representing WOSMOH at various events. His heart is to be a positive role model the the youth and just show the youth that someone cares and his favorite thing to do is ask for free stuff to give to those that need it.

Anthony is an executive board member and an emerging leader of Women of Substance and Men Honor. He is the project lead of WOSMOH Hoops which is a 3v3 basketball tournament that raises money for emergency housing that WOSMOH provides to the foster youth. Also, he has opened up his home to the Eagles Nest Program under WOSMOH that houses emancipated foster youth. The Program is a community living environment where the youth are to be drug, crime and alcohol free while they find stable full-time employment or schooling.

Denise Fleming is the CEO of her own successful company, Look Los Angeles where since 2002 her work has encompassed a fusion of working with fashion, entertainment and celebrity clients, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 

After serving time and being released from the federal prison system following her arrest and conviction, Denise Fleming has held fast to the second chance the judge in her case talked about and forged a life she is proud of and grateful for.

Denise’s primary focus is to empower young adults who are facing significant challenges in their lives, helping those seeking their purpose in life and those who struggle with their own sense of self, self-worth and self-acceptance. Following mistakes they feel they have made in their lives.

Her mission is to encourage people that have lost hope and to help them understand that life, no matter how challenging it may be at times, is meaningful, and that everyone not only deserves a second chance, but they can make the most of it when they get it. Anyone can make their dreams a reality if they truly embrace the life they want.

Denise has spoken for the Women of Substance and Men of Honor organization headed by Rosalinda Vint, which is an organization dedicated to rescuing troubled youths and helping those who are incarcerated and in foster care. She continues to collaborate with Rosalinda to find more ways to support, educate and inform young girls searching for strategies to rise above obstacles, overcome them, and live their lives positively and productively.

Through WOSMOH, admirable role models can arrange to speak to transitioning foster youths and youths in juvenile detention, imparting their advice and encouragement.

Denise Fleming

Inspirational Speakers