"Helping To Save One Youth At a Time!"

Advisory Board Member Denise Fleming


Denise Fleming is the CEO of her own successful company, Look Los Angeles where since 2002 her work has encompassed a fusion of working with fashion, entertainment and celebrity clients, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 
After serving time and being released from the federal prison system following her arrest and conviction, Denise Fleming has held fast to her second chance.Denise’s primary focus is to empower young adults who are facing significant challenges in their lives.
Her mission is to encourage people that have lost hope and to help them understand that life, no matter how challenging it may be at times, is meaningful, and that everyone not only deserves a second chance, but they can make the most of it when they get it. Denise has spoken for WOSMOH. She continues to collaborate with Rosalinda to find more ways to support, educate and inform young girls searching for strategies to rise above obstacles, overcome them, and live their lives positively and productively.

Honorary Board Members

Delores Frighetti 
Brenda King 
Carina Berman


Samira is in the banking industry as a leader in customer service. She has exceptional people skills and is always willing to help. At WOSMOH, she has shown great tenacity at our events for the benefit of the youth we serve. She continues to give her heart and time to serve those in need.

Advisory Board Member Samira Dawoodjee

Advisory Board Member Heather Shura


Heather is currently working in the banking industry as a coach in banking procedures, leadership, and customer service. She often serves at athletic marathons and charity events. Her willingness to serve on WOSMOH has reflected her generous heart. Heather is an asset in our fundraiser planning and at our fundraising events.


Anthony is currently studying to be a structural engineer at University of California San Diego. After serving Navy tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he remains a true Seabee and Navy Reservist. He has been a leader both professionally and personally and motivates the youth to be the same. 

Executive Board Member Anthony Morman


Cynthia is a youth that WOSMOH has supported for 5+ years. She has now donated her time and efforts into volunteering for this organization in any way she can. She has been a tremendous help and we are so proud to have her a part of this team! 

Advisory Board Member Cynthia Sosa


Cindy Eley is a Board Member and the organization's grantwriter. She resides in Sarasota, FL with her husband Jeff Ommen. Cindy who is a Graduate of the University of Georgia, has held various Executive level management positions at both Federal Express and at Citibank. She has also owned and operated her own corporation for over 10 years and is committed to WOSMOH in hopes of making the system work better for those who do not have a voice. 

Executive Board Member Cindy Eley


Nate is a dedicated and committed man providing services to wards in the Alpha Leadership Program at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Division of Juvenile Justice -formerly the California Youth Authority (CYA). Nate Cox has willingly served and helped with our annual fundraiser and with the youth he mentors. He is a great asset and a wonderful addition to the team. 

Executive Board Member Nate Cox

Executive Board Member Dr. Luisa Segato-Johnson


A clinical Phycologist in Westlake Village, California, for over 20 years. Dr. Luisa Johnson graduated from Wellesley College, located in historic Dover, Delaware, with a Bachelors Degree. She also recieved Ph.D. from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She has a passion for the under-privileged and those that are incarcerated. 

Executive Board Member Charlie Corum


Chaplain Charlie Corum is an ordained Baptist minister providing services to wards and parolees in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Division of Juvenile Justice -formerly the California Youth Authority (CYA). The DJJ was formerly known as the California Youth Authority (CYA). Chaplain Charlie has served, since 1999, as the Community Ministries consultant for the Los Angeles Southern Baptist Association (LASBA). More than 20 LASBA churches have become active in Angel Tree (c)  (a Prison Fellowship program) and other correctional ministries through Charlie's leadership.www.cccyorn.com  

Treasurer Chloe Williamson


Chloe recently graduated from California State University Channel Islands in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in History. She attends Lighthouse Church and has a heart for the youth. She currently works in Animal Control and hopes to one day bring love to the youth through animals. Chloe is committed to mentoring, providing resources and helping in any way she can for the organization. 

Secretary Elicia Morman


Elicia is a California Lutheran University graduate and also played on their Collegiate Women's Volleyball team. She won best female athlete of the year given out by the Ventura County Star while attending Moorpark College. She was the MVP for Women's Volleyball at Moorpark for the 2007 season, 1st  Team All-League, and received the prestigious Coach's Award for the 2006 season as well as making 1st team All-League. She received numerous awards in high school for her involvement in Varsity sports and represented Newbury Park High School in front of Congress. She has spoken before the Conejo Valley City Council and majored in Communications at CLU. She is currently working in Human Resources for Inphi Corporation. She attends Lighthouse Church and is committed to helping the youth. 

Vice President David Vint


Dave was a marathon runner with extensive leadership experience with transportation companies, FedEx and Delta Airlines as Senior management and as a Director of Logistics. He has received numerous leadership awards from both companies. He is a Mentor for the male youth to support them in their transitional needs as well as while they are in placement or incarceration. He also supports the youth as a General Contractor finding them employment and working with them side by side.

Meet Our Board Members!




                                                          is licensed byInternational Foursquare Church of the Foursquare Gospel with a District Ministerial License.She graduated from Biola Universityreceiving a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership.She was a Senior Executivewith a Fortune 500 company for 25 years.Rosalindawas nominated for numerous leadership awards during her tenure there, and received the highest-ranking award that the company could nominate an individual for.Rosalinda was featured in the Ventura County Star for recognition of her organization. She partners with various organizations and companies to bring training and resources inside Juvenile Detention Facilitiesso that the youth are transitioned well before being released. She also supports the Ventura County Jails. She was featured on NPR Radio. She received numerous awards including: an Award for Peace and Unity from Norwalk Youth Correctional Facility and a letter of thanks for covering the Chaplainposition at VYCF in Camarillo, CA. She has also served several years as President ofCitizens Advisory Committeeat VYCF and she was a volunteer Chaplain host for Yang-Young Adult Action Network group at California Institute for Women in Corona, CA. Rosalinda has also been an adult supporter for the California Youth Connection for the Foster Youth. She has also received a Congressional Recognitionfrom Grace F. Napolitano 38th District and a Certificate of Recognition from Carson City Mayor, Jim Dear. Growing up Rosalinda was a ward of the court, in Los Angeles County Foster Care system.She could relate to the feelings of abandonment, the loss of hope, and the abuse inflicted. Her experience has taught her perseverance and gave her determination to never give up and to find the good in everyone. Together with her husband, Dave, and with the many volunteers and supporters, she changing lives while "Helping To Save One Youth at a Time!"

Rosalinda P. Vint