Our Core Values...

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish a network in California with individuals and companies that share the same passion to address the needs of guidance and support of today's less fortunate and/or at risk youth.

Our Mission is to provide resources to young men and women in need who are ready to change the course of their lives or who may have never been given an opportunity.

Our Mission

WOS & MOH, Inc. is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to providing support to young men and women that may have been incarcerated and/or in the foster care system.

​We began operating in 1998 and have provided services to numerous men and women and their families in our community. We are supported through donations of individuals, churches, businesses and civic organizations.

WOS & MOH, Inc.

Happy New Year

Each one can reach one when they reach out.

Together we can address the emotional scars left behind due to drugs, violence and abuse.

Our Programs & Services

  • Mentoring Courses to Deal With Rejection
  • Scholarships
  • AA/NA Courses for those incarcerated
  • Rehabilitation and Restoration Services
  • Education on Adoption and alternatives
  • Transitional and after care support
  • Education on sexual health
  • Alpha/WOSMOH Leadership Course
  • Adult supporter California Youth Connection
  • Community Nest & Transitional Housing Referral & Support

As the year comes to a close, we are reminded of what WOSMOH means...

Women of Substance & Men of Honor

As we celebrate the coming of a new year, we want to celebrate all the Women of Substance and all the Men of Honor that we have had the opportunity to serve this past year!

We can only serve through

Support, Prayers, and Donations.

Help us end the year strong by Donating today!

Everyone is worthy of a second chance.

Spirituality is essential to growth and overcoming obstacles in life.

  • Leadership courses, Employment References and Interview Techniques
  • Sponsor of "Peace & Unity" to reduce violence in the Youth Correctional Facility
  • Donations of Items including hygiene, food & clothing vouchers
  • Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Choices Class
  • Coaching for Birthing for those Incarcerated
  • Christmas Gift Bagsfor those incarcerated & Emancipated Foster Care Youth
  • Education on lifestyles and relationships

"Helping To Save One Youth At a Time!"